Radeo Music

creating a
brand identity for a digital startup

key elements

logo design

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mobile app icon

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web and mobile backgrounds

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the brief

Before starting any new design project, we make sure we know exactly what you want. Here’s what Radeo asked us for:


A logo and visual identity package for a music streaming service.

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A young and vibrant image with a focus on music at the core. Think bold colours and simple styling.

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Young music enthusiasts keen to make connections through their listening tastes.

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The client was heavily influenced by Spotify’s simple but striking image, as well as Snapchat’s style.

what we delivered

The final design showcases the simple and bold impact that the client wanted, and features the two key elements of music and chat. We felt that the speech bubble complicated the final design, but we were happy to meet the client’s wishes and we’re very pleased with the overall outcome.